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There have been many messaging apps launched but still WhatsApp has a separate fanbase. Many modified versions of WhatsApp has been launched but AN WhatsApp +5 is best variant to connect with family and friends across the world. One of the reasons people prefer to Download NA5 WhatsApp is the features and seamless user experience. It also has a powerful UI that makes it easy to access for every age group.

AN5 WhatsApp APK

What is AN5 WhatsApp APK?

AN WhatsApp+5 is a modified variant of ANWhatsApp developed by third-party Arab developers. Developers kept in mind the limitations of the original version and added some advanced features to the app. Further, developers have also added an anti-ban feature in NA5 WhatsApp APK to protect it from any account ban problems. Users can also make changes to the layout of the app screen.

AN5 WhatsApp Download

ANWhatsApp+5 APK Specifications

Application NameAN5 WhatsApp APK
DeveloperAmmar Al-Awaadi
Size77 MB
PurposeExtra Chat Features
OSAndroid 5.0+
Downloads Totals4 Million

Features of AN 5 WhatsApp

Hide Blue Tick:

You can hide the blue tick to hide your message read status from others. If the sender does not see a blue tick then they will keep waiting for you to read their message. By this, you can either ignore their message or reply to them whenever you want.

Disable Double Tick:

This is another brilliant feature of AN5 WhatsApp which hides your message recipient status from others. By this, the sender will wait for the delivery of their sent message and it is not going to happen.

Freeze Last Seen:

Freeze your last seen on a certain date and time and it will show this time and date as your last seen. People can never find out when you appeared on NAWhatsApp 5 last time.

Send Large Files without Limit:

This is always a problem to send a large media and document file to someone due to size restrictions. But AN 5 WhatsApp allows you to send a large document or media file even size in GBs.

Hide Status View:

Now you can spy on others’ status videos, images, and text without letting them. With this status view hide feature you can always have an eye on your crush secretly without disturbing them.

A Golden Icon:

AN WhatsApp+5 comes up with a beautiful golden icon. This icon has a golden icon on the border and a white color in the background giving it a different look. This will always please your eyes whenever you have a look at this icon.

Disable Forward Tag:

Now you can hide the forward tag on the messages that you forward to others. This forward tag is shown on the chat’s top with an arrow to show that this is a forward message. Disabling this forward tag makes every conversation special and unique.

Built-in App Lock:

AN WhatsApp latest version comes up with an advanced app lock to encrypt your app. This encryption involves several ways like fingerprint, password, pattern, and PIN locks. This app lock is separate from the mobile lock.

Channels and Communities:

There are now community options added that are just like a WhatsApp group. In these communities, you can add a large number of people who can interact with each other. There is also another feature of channels which is a one-way communication method. By this, you can update people about your daily activities with complete privacy.

In-built Translator:

There is an in-built translator added to the NA5 WhatsApp latest version. This language translator will translate any language into another language within the app. So, there is no need to use any third-party application to translate your conversations.

AN5 WhatsApp Features

How to Download and Install NA 5 WhatsApp?

  • Search NA5 WhatsApp in browser and download APK file from any trusted website.
  • Enable “install from unknown sources” in settings of your android device.
  • Locate APK file and tap on it to install.
AN 5 WhatsApp Install
  • Follow the screen instructions to complete install the downloaded APK file.
  • Open AN WhatsApp 5 APK and verify mobile phone number through SMS.
  • Customize WhatsApp like theme, security and privacy.
  • Enjoy more customizations and privacy features than standard WhatsApp application.


What is NA 5 WhatsApp?

NA5 WhatsApp Download is the new version of NA WhatsApp which offers more features compared to other versions.

Is AN WhatsApp+5 free to use?

Although there are many premium features available in the app still it is absolutely free to use. There is no need to spend money to download and use the app.

Is ANWhatsApp compatible with all devices?

Yes it can be used with all devices containing the Android operating system. Make sure you have the latest version of the Android operating system.


After downloading AN5 WhatsApp APK you will get more features not available in original app. You get unlimited fonts, style and theme customization in NA5 WhatsApp Download.

NA 5 WhatsApp Download, AN5 WhatsApp Download Updated APK Link 2024

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